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Short Story: If God Were a Woman

She wept, and the stars were born one by one. She stretched out her hand and the rocks broke against one another and burst forth into planets, comets, rocks and dust.


She rubbed the celestial powder between her fingers. Again, The Lady cried because she was alone. Her inner essence sighed in a desperate overwhelm as she longed for companionship.

She longed to be loved.

She caught a rock in her right hand and breathed the very breath of life. Plants and grass sprung up. She spoke, and water gushed from her mouth creating the lakes and the rivers, the streams and seas. She screamed a great scream and the mountains trembled out of the soil. She separated the water from the land, ripped a veil in the sky and called it Heaven.

Then she crafted all living creatures great and small. Those who slither and those who crawl.

She stepped back and called the great rock in her hand Earth.

Then she kissed the stardust on her fingers and touched the dry land. A form was made of dust and dirt.

And so, out of the dirt Man was born and He was given dominion over the birds of the air and the fish of the sea. From Woman, Man came to be.

No longer was she alone.

Yet man was not innocuous; but full of cunning, spite and fear.

He preferred war to love, unrest to peace.

He sold his sons to violence, His daughters to obscurity. 

He spit on Woman and called her weak because she loved, because she felt. 

He could not know love, for there was no love in Him.

The Lady continued to weep until the stars were innumerable and shone upon the face of humanity. But Man was not to be outdone, and made great machines and towering buildings that blocked the light of the glittering heavens. 

She desperately tried to give gifts to her children on Earth, gifts that would heal what was lost. But her children ate all their seed without planting, polluted the waters that gave them life, and took all they could from the Earth for themselves without giving anything back to it. 

Man made conquest of Earth instead of stewarding it. 

Yet, Her daughters soon remembered love and peace. They remembered how The Great Mother wept for them and made light, so they wept for their children, too. 

Soon, Her daughters grew tired of their burden and threw off their yoke. They remembered that Man came from Woman, so they taught their sons and daughters love and feeling, compassion and hope. Even as their children lay their heads down to bed, they counseled them in the softer ways of living, until their aggression was tempered over generations. 

Still, The Mother has not quelled her tears and the universe exhales, expanding with the creation of new stars and galaxies. 

Ever longing to someday be loved the way she loves Man.

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