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An Untamed Spirit and a Work Horse

My daughter takes everything we say as a suggestion. My son takes everything we say as law.

You’d think we’d prefer one form of behavior over another, but we don’t.

Both are equally out of balance, as it must be with children.

Our daughter must learn that her father and I have lived longer, and understand things she doesn’t. She has to learn how to respect our wisdom as her guides in this life. We must likewise endeavor to be worthy of that respect.

My son must realize that his parents don’t know everything. We will him to test boundaries and explore, not to be so cautious and in order. We are slowly encouraging him not to look for our approval in everything or to constantly need affirmation.

From our daughter, we live for the words, “I was wrong, you were right.” From our son, we live for the words, “I was right, you were wrong.”

From our daughter, we rejoice when she looks over her shoulder and asks for guidance or help. From our son, we rejoice when he doesn’t look over his shoulder at all.

Each will always have a preference. My daughter will be a lone free spirit for always, my son a naturally organized, social soul.

It is not my hope that they become the same, but that they develop their weaknesses so no one can ever find fault in their strengths.

A wild horse who knows how to wear a bridle when necessary, and a workhorse who knows, also, how to be free. 

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