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I Will Always Care What People Think

I have no idea how to not care what anyone thinks. I’ve tried to figure that out my entire life. Hateful remarks used to put me in the bed for days, now it’s just an hour.

Maybe I can get to where it only stings for a few minutes.

The truth is, I will always care what people think of me. I care because I love people, I love humanity. I love our flaws and interesting stories. I love how complicated we all are. I’m interested in all sorts of viewpoints and methods of thought.

I care because I’m not a sociopath. 

I read something once that transformed my life. “It’s not about learning not to care about what people think. It’s about learning whose opinions carry weight in your life, and whose do not.”

I think that’s the best I can do. I have to allow the hurtful stuff to sting sometimes. I have to feel it and then decide it’s not going to weigh me down beyond that brief moment.

And that requires constantly feeling a wide range of emotions at any given point. It’s throwing consistency to the wayside and embracing the ups and downs of life.

There’s a beauty that comes out of people who can’t help but care. They’re called naive and silly most of the time, but they’re also the dreamers and hopeful visionaries of a brighter future.

Where they find their power is the moment they own who they are. They ignore the endless cries admonishing them to toughen up, and instead embrace their more gentle way of living that is not at all weak. Unapologetically. Lambs with lion hearts that can’t be tamed.

I think when we embrace the pain of revealing all, being authentically ourselves and being rejected anyway, there’s a new freedom that comes to us.

After all, finally, the worst we always dreaded has finally happened. Now we can live free beyond the boarders of right and wrong.

So I will continue to care what people think. I just won’t carry the majority of thoughts and opinions with me daily. I will continue wishing we could all be friends, and also recognizing that I can’t sit around waiting for that day of peace and never live.

I will act despite of my desire to be accepted by all. I will continue on towards what I must do in spite of my desire for connection.

It’s the great balancing act. To love all and realizing you can’t walk with all. 

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