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28 things I’ve learned in 28 years

1) People will tell you all sorts of ways you should live your life. Eventually you have to decide for yourself and OWN IT. The sooner the better. Embrace your brand of weird. What was once odd in high school, people now will applaud you for doing.

2) Pettiness is a waste of time and energy. You’re probably going be petty sometimes anyway, but remember your energy is limited. Remember your time is finite.

3) Be fiercely kind. Not doormat kind.

4) You can have everything. You can do it all. Just maybe not all at once. And maybe you’ll figure out some things don’t mean so much.

5) If you can’t find comfort in the quiet moments, the loud moments will always be uncomfortable.

6) Exercise. Eat well. It’s a lifestyle. Throw away the scale. Ask yourself how your body feels and how you can heal it.

7) Go outside. Now do it more. You are a creature of the earth, first and foremost. If you feel out of touch with the world, maybe you haven’t spent enough time actually *touching* the world.

8) Find your people. Love them well.

9) Accomplishing small tasks makes you feel more confident in your abilities. How can you build a house if you first didn’t play around with building a block tower?

10) Love is hard. Anyone who says it’s easy is selling something.

11) All things in moderation.

12) When you feel the tug, when you feel the call, follow it.

13) Read more to live more.

14) If you blame them for all the bad in your life, you must also thank them for the good. Your life is your own. Take back your power.

15) Practice peace. With much, I am at peace. With little, I am at peace. The moments in between, I am at peace.

16) The world is mostly good.

17) Become conscious of all you consume. If it takes hours to take care of your stuff every week, perhaps you have too much stuff.

18) Travel. Even if it’s just down your road. Even if it’s just a new restaurant.

19) You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen more than you talk. Listen to hear and learn, not to respond.

20) We like to think we’re so complex. We like to think we’re so beyond help, that no one can understand. If you open your eyes, there are hundreds of people similar to you who have been through similar struggles. When we are afraid, our brains try to isolate us in order to protect us. We thrive in community as relational creatures.

21) Plan for the life you want while embracing the life you have.

22) Listen to your elders. Really listen. Respect their journey. Learn from their mistakes so you don’t repeat them. Honor their wisdom. Remember you only have the knowledge you do because someone else made lots of errors in the past. Don’t judge what you can’t know.

23) It’s not the lessons you verbally teach your children, it’s how you model those lessons with your actions.

24) When you give, do so freely without expectations. Otherwise, you’ll always resent when people don’t give the same measure in return. What are your motives for giving?

25) You’re not jealous of what people have, you’re discontent with what YOU have. Jealousy is an indicator of desire. Ask yourself what you feel you’re missing.

26) Become interdependent. The self-made person is a myth. Honor those who have helped you along the way. Give credit, then give some more.

27) See the birds of the air? See the creatures scurrying beneath the grass? See how the waves of the ocean don’t care where they go? See how the wind blows where it may? We have been given a great gift of a conscious life, but we also simply exist. So exist. Just be. Feel. Breathe.

28) You are one in billions and you are billions in one. You are significant, yet insignificant. You are nothing and something. Embrace this duality.

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