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NEVER Regret Believing That You Have a Future

“Live as if tomorrow isn’t promised” is a really cool concept.

It’s true, tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us individually.

But I do believe this ideology has become a stumbling block for many people in this modern age.

We focus on self-gratification because “we might die tomorrow.”

We focus on doing what we want right now because “we might die tomorrow.”

We refuse to embrace a little bit of pain for gain that will
come later because, after all, “we might die tomorrow.”

It’s turned into the motto to consume whatever you can, while you can.

I think this interpretation of the proverb is a trash ideology.

You should NEVER regret believing that you have a future.

Perhaps we should do a little more of living as if tomorrow IS promised.

Perhaps we should do a little more believing that what we sow today is what we will reap 10 years from now.

After all, “Death is only the end if you believe the story is about you.” -The Night Vale

A lot of this “living in the moment” culture has resulted in irresponsible consumerism, shallow relationships, the pollution of our world, and the indifference of our ethos.

“Living in the moment” is a battle cry for learning how to respond actively to the present so you can enjoy the process of living. It was not meant to wipe away our valiant hope for a better future, a better world.

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