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This is Really Living

Don’t let it take losing everything to make you appreciate what you have.

Appreciate how the sun streams through the windows on Sunday mornings, how it bounces off another piece of glass and creates a rainbow on the carpet that needed vacuuming three days ago. 

Appreciate the cream you add to your coffee as it creates patterns like spiral galaxies, different every time. 

Appreciate how your favorite books smell, the way the pages turn under the familiarity of your touch. 

Appreciate how your bedroom door creaks as a warning bell announcing your kids running in to wake you up at dawn. 

Appreciate the squirrels that make their home in your favorite trees and the acorns that never seem to break under your feet. 

Appreciate the birds that sing to blue skies and sunshine, the nests you find in forgotten corners of your gutters. 

Appreciate your grumpy neighbor who adds some character to your otherwise quiet neighborhood. 

Appreciate your screen door that doesn’t quite shut all the way. 

Appreciate always finding leaves behind the furniture no matter how many times you sweep. 

Appreciate all you have now while you’re dreaming of better. 

Appreciate the mundane when you’re hoping for exciting. 

Appreciate your normal when you wish for anything but a normal life. 

Your normal is someone’s greatest, most desperate desire. 

Drink it in, life, all of it. Feel it in the marrow of your bones. Find out how to be content with little and with much. 

This, this is really living

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